The perspective
Of startup funding

Who's it for?

We invest in tech startups with a validated business model that show growth potential


Freshmint.Ventures are ready
to invest in your vision – through our #help2develop programme.

We invest in European/UK based tech-intensive startups and growth companies. We’ll take your development budget and match it, at the same time providing you with access to the skills and experience your company actually needs.

What you need?

Great technology
Proven Business Model
Growth potential

Market validationrequired

Companies that qualify for #help2develop will have one or both of two qualities: They will have successfully raised prior investment and/or be generating revenues.

Dev budgetrequired

The #help2develop programme works by taking your existing development budget and matching that amount up to £300,000 pa.


The #help2develop programme is specifically aimed at companies with a heavy reliance on technology.  Your company need not be revolutionary, however you will rely heavily on your existing tech base.

Talent gap? Skills Shortage?optional

Don’t compromise! #help2develop allows you the freedom to build across languages and platforms and provides access to senior specialists that have built for blue chips.

How we help?

Boost your growth by doubling the value of your
Tech Budget
Bring the right talent and investment to your door!

Our #help2develop programme has been specially tailored to the needs of growth phase startups and scaleups.
We’ll at least double your dev budget and then provide access to the skills you need, not what you can afford.


a growth programme by Freshmint.Ventures

Direct Investment

What’s your current Dev Budget? Assuming you qualify for #help2develop, we’ll double it.  Allowing you to avoid compromise and realise the potential.

Access to Developers

The #help2develop programme is partnered with some of the best development companies in the business, allowing you access to the skills your company actually needs.


We actually do know-how. Our team has the benefit of knowledge gained from working many years in the tech industry, remember Netscape? We do, but our experts now work with AI, IoT and machine learning.


#help2develop includes experienced mentorship as an option that companies accepted in the programme can take advantage of.  We’ll sit down with you and look at your short, medium and long term objectives and give you proven support to realise them.

Interim CTO

We know. We’ve seen it before. You’re at that point where you need to attract a top notch CTO to drive you forward.  Unfortunately, that is also where attracting top-notch isn’t easy. Companies in the #help2develop programme can benefit from our Interim CTO service.

Valuation Boost

Qualifying for the #help2develop programme will give your company’s valuation an instant boost.  Our investment/equity strategy means from day one, your company’s valuation will have been increased.


Simple and straightforward application process.
Quick go/no-go decision.
Friendly, encouraging and free tech due diligence.


Talk to us!  We’d love to hear from you.

Applying for the #help2develop programme is easy.  It’s quick, we’ll come back to you within days of your application in order to move things forward.  Your success is ours, and we’d prefer not to delay that!  Initially we’ll want to know the basics:

Who are you?: When and where has your company come from, and who did you come with?
Market Niche: What kind of business are you in?
Technology: We want to know what tech is making your company tick now.  We want to know how you intend to develop this and why are the technologies crucial to you?
Potential: What is the plan? Has your business model been validated?  Are you generating revenue?  Have you received funding?
Apply now!



Let’s meet face to face – make sure we click.

Within days of your initial application we’ll let you know if you’ve been shortlisted as a #help2develop candidate.  It’s at this point we’ll want to meet you.  This is your opportunity to impress us, and us to impress you. We know great companies are built on great partnerships. This knowledge is our strength. Want to hear about your:

Vision: Share where you see the future of your company.
Passion: Show us how much you and your team believe in your goals.
Knowledge: Share with us your understanding of the business. Talk the talk and walk the walk
Personality: Charm us, we want to be partners.
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Tech Due Diligence

The Brutal Truth.


As part of the candidate process for the #help2develop programme we will carry out a full tech due diligence review.  This is carried out by our team of experts and is designed to answer two simple questions – Are you using the right tech and are you using it in the right manner? This is a smooth process and essentially we want to know:

Current state: Show us your MVP and tell us about the tech stack.
Skillset: Show us how talented your team is, let’s build on their foundations.
Processes: Tell us how it’s all kept together and how you stay on top of it.
Roadmap: Show us the future.
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We approach things differently. We’re not only investing in your development, through the #help2develop programme. We’re providing access to the hands-on support, talent and skill-sets companies like yours need to grow and succeed.

Freshmint.Ventures is backed by a consortium of individual investors and elite development companies.  Our teams either have, or currently are, invested in the growth of household names such as Vodafone, Carphone Warehouse, Raiffeisen Bank, BMW and Mercedes.  The #help2develop programme will give you access to development teams working at the cutting edge of complex architecture, Big Data, AI, IoT and Machine Learning.

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